Sunday, October 28, 2012

28th of October 2012

Last night, I had to infiltrate a mosque (for unknown reasons). To do so, I became a scholar of the Islam. In order to prove my loyalty to the Prophet and Allah, I soon had to produce a sweater ornate with Arabic writing, in to the pattern of which I also put some recursive Spiderman-design in green-red-black. Luckily for me, the young and self-assured Imam didn't recognise that.

After reading out my sweater and pointing to the language mistakes (I have not yet learned Arabic, in my waking life), he explained some simple dress codes to me: a golden head scarf on an older women or a middle-aged one would speak of her devotion to Allah. In an older women, possibly of her faithfulness to the deceased husband. Similarly, a pink burqa especially on older women would signal devotion to the Prophet and Allah, effectively marking her as a harmless part of the community. Soon after these teachings, the Hungarian connection of my subconscious finally broke through and we discovered cracks in the Mosque's high ceiling (the mosque itself being architecturally rather like a high, European church). Note that “the ceiling is cracking”, in Hungarian proverbial knowledge, marks a blatant liar’s doing.

Otherwise, I also travelled along an unknown coastline and there investigated a golf court, the coast itself, and a gold-gate-bridge like structure.

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